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to my personal website I am Waqas Tasneem, website designer and Search Engine optimization Professional located in Peshawar, Pakistan. Reason behind launching this website is to let others know about my creative website designs and to improve my designing skills.So if you are looking for the a website designer who can read your mind, give strength to your ideas and convert them into visual art, then choose me, you will definately see the change in your web design from the others.


My Experties: 1) website designing 2) Internet marketing(Search Engine Optimization)
I basically work in two areas of web, First is website designing and the 2nd is internet marketing, at internet markerting my main focus is on optimzating the most competetive keywords on the top of search engine result pages know as SERPs. i am creative, hardworker and lay the all essential skills of a website or user interface designer, i have a passion to change ideas or requirement into stunning web designs.

My skills are Adobe dreamweaver,flash,photoshop and muse


I have done my matric from Police public school and college, after completion of matric i continued my studies in same institute by choosing FSC in Engineering, Along with my studies i was doing courses in computer hardware and website designing. After Completing my FSC i made my mind about doing bachelors in Computer Science, Institute choosen by me was Peshawar’s one of the most noble icon of education namesd as Edwardes College, Edwardes college have the history of 110 years of quality education not just in Peshawar but in Pakistan.



Services offered as SEO Expert and Website Desiger in Pakistan I hope you already seen my website designing projects, so next I want to let you people know about actually what I am capable of, initially start with Search engine optimization. As experienced and highly skilled Search engine optimizer located in Peshawar, Pakistan, I do offer SEO Services in Pakistan; my services already helped a lot of individuals and companies to promote their search engine ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing with optimum level of white hat SEO practices.
During completion of my bachelor’s degree my sole practice area was internet marketing and website designing. Internet marketing is an umbrella term, which means that internet marketing is superset, and other approaches lay under internet marketing as subset. Look further hyponym internet marketing sub categorize as affiliate Marketing, Banner Ads, SEM, SEO, SMO, Email Marketing, Referral Marketing, i will focus only on Search engine optimization but I will definitely touch other terms as well. Additionally purpose of launching my personal website is to provide my SEO expertise to others in achieving business goals, provide genuine materiel to learn more about search engine optimization and last but not least website designing in Pakistan and express my designing creativity.
So let jump with the term internet marketing, Marketing is define as activities which are use to transfer the goods from the provider to consumer, so internet marketing is considered as exchange of services and goods or any other entity over internet, this mechanism is known as internet marketing. Internet marketing or iMarketing is a very broad term because every approach of marketing on the internet is considered to be as internet marketing for example, emails marketing, search engine marketing, and etcetera.
Following are the subsets of internet marketing: Affiliate Marketing: The marketing approach in which some affiliation is granted by the company to individuals intends to promote their product or services. Banner Ads: Banner advertisement is simple marketing approach just like banner exchange or to place 3rd ads on website. SEM: SEM acronym for Search Engine Marketing, SEM used to drive traffic with the help of search engine result Pages, no matter rather you pay money to get your desired ranking or use free search engine optimization approach. SMO: Stand for social media optimization, marketing mechanism in which social media is use to drive traffic to website. Email Marketing: Provide information directly to the people trough electronic mail, using some sort of application to send emails. Referral Marketing: Referral marketing takes place by referring other about the services or goods to others. SEO: lastly Search Engine Optimization, define as set of ethical methodologies used to get high ranking in search engine result pages while not using any paid placement, in other words SEO refers to get high organic/natural ranking in SERPs, this is known Search Engine Optimization. In SEO paid inclusion is not involved.
Search engine optimization is very tough job, to get high ranking in search engine page results by white hat SEO techniques is the real target to achieve your goals, I offer full services i.e onsite and offsite Seo to take your business to next level. Following are onsite SEO factors: Keyword inspection or keyword research Keyword Density Title and Meta tags Writing search engine friendly content Making website search engine friendly Alt and title tags Header tags Canonicalization XML Sitemap
Following are offsite SEO factors: Social Bookmarking Articles submission Link wheels Hub Pages, Squidoo Page optimization Search Engine Submission (to all major search engines)
SEO is essential for the growth of any business, every website want to make traffic upto optimum level of success, the main purpose of SEO is to bring visitors from the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.My SEO practices are bases upon keyword research, on site SEO, offsite SEO, Link Building, and Monthly Reporting Procedures.
I am efficient in two skills SEO and Web Designing , In Web Designing or front end designing, I love to use Adobe Photoshop for the primarily design or to mimics the general layout. After designing the interface next step (according to requirement) is addition of expressive interactive content like animation so I precedes to Adobe flash , More over when the previous steps are done I switch towardes the Adobe Dreamweaver for XHTML and CSS coding. Amoung various web designers in Pakistan i also offer my expertise to help my clients to achieve the maximum results from there website designs.Moreover creating my personal website helps me to expose my web designs to a social media to improve my skills, and get into the race of other web designers in Pakistan.

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